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I want to formally welcome you to this site. It was created to help more people get info on addiction/recovery related issues, hear & discuss options, and find help when necessary. First of all, I am not a real doctor, it’s a nickname. I am a Certified Addictions Professional in long term recovery of over 28 years, and in this helping profession since 1990. The nickname comes from merging my radio/tv personality since 1998 & my days before recovery on the El Paso & Juarez border. My family got me back before they even knew that I was gone. It was through this time while in Los Angeles, California that I decided to never return to that way of life, and help as many as I can get out of it. I want every family to get their loved one back. I dedicate my every NOW to all of those that I’ve known along the way that have passed. Some at the hands of their disease, but many others in victory from it. I have hope and faith for days and know that change & recovery is possible.

I pride myself on connecting the right people together and for this I need your help. I encourage you to post comments on the main page to include personal stories of recovery. If you are aware of any upcoming events regardless of location, please feel free to post them also. Remember to follow or request me on any of the social media tabs. Follow us via Facebook and you can watch the radio show weekly from there.  You can also help us help others through The N.O.W. Matters More Foundation.  You can learn more about that at

Please visit each page and when appropriate visit the sponsors or links that help support our purpose, which is to reach out to all that suffer and let them know that TODAY MATTERS. And for now, that is all that matters. Throughout your recovery you will reach back into your past and resolve some necessary issues as you go. We all come in with pain, anger, guilt, shame, etc… Be aware that time is a necessary component, along with your honesty, bravery, persistence, and willingness to NEVER, NEVER, NEVER EVER GIVE UP.

The Radio Show page will inform you about The Couch Live Radio Show.   You will know who the cast members are, when & where the show airs, and how you can be involved. You are welcome to follow the show on Facebook so that you can watch it live or later. Click here to like & follow our Facebook Page

The Need Help Now page will guide you on how to seek whatever level of help is needed. Navigating your way through the many options of programs can be time consuming and emotionally draining. I’ve worked in this industry since 1990 & have forged many great relationships with people & programs. I understand that it’s hard to reach out so I like to handle these things personally in order to make sure you find what your looking for. I don’t refer anyone to something I wouldn’t recommend to my own loved ones, so rest easy that I focus on quality in my referrals. I focus on meeting as many people in this industry that I can, tour the facilities, understand their programs offered, speak with the clinical teams, and discuss the treatment experiences of each referral I send out. This enables me to better understand the culture of the program & what you or your loved one can expect. If you do not have any insurance coverage or money, I can already assure you that your local state funded facility is your best option. However, if you have some type of private insurance feel free to call me at 407-721-5402 to discuss all of your options. Either way, the help to you does not come with any cost to you or the program you decide on. This allows my recommendations to be focused only on your needs.

The Quest4Balance page will provide you with the quadrant I use with my personal clients daily. It’s a great tool to show us where we are strong and where we are lacking some focus. I encourage you to print out the free PDF file that will be available soon so that you can use it in your own recovery.

We appreciate all the support and that’s why I remind you to support our sponsors as well. Stay safe fellas and filas. And thanks again for being part of the solution.

Lui……aka TDD.

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