Opioid Addiction & Overdose Epidemic

“We can’t arrest ourselves out of this problem”-anonymous Sheriff. No, we can’t. We are currently witnessing and experiencing an Opioid Addiction & Overdose Epidemic and we are all part of the solution. We are in the aftermath of the Pill Mill crackdown. Pharmaceutical opiates (pain pills) have become more difficult to get due to government pressures, investigations, arrests,
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We Vote Too

We Vote Too “Why aren’t they talking more about addiction and how it’s affecting our nation?”-anonymous caller It took me about 10 years of living so close to Daytona Beach to finally fall in love with NASCAR. It took this election and all the drama related to it to finally have me pay so much attention
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NEED “I know what I need. I know my body. You don’t know me and what I’ve been through. It’s my life.” - anonymous They know you’re hurting. They are too. Any comments, actions, or help they offer stems from this. It’s never really about what you think or know, it’s about
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Pain image"I hurt so much. I can't imagine ever waking up again without pain, but if it's possible please tell me how."   Pain is such a predator. Even when you feel somewhat protected and safe from it for a short while, you feel it stalking you. Waiting for
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You don’t lose your days clean when you lapse/relapse.

 So often I see and hear people new in recovery and even some that had put together a pretty impressive consecutive stream of days clean, get frustrated with a lapse/relapse.  Ok….be frustrated. Why? Because it is frustrating and embarrassing.  It’s hard to step back in to the rooms or let anyone know that you used. 
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We need your support for The N.O.W. Matters More Foundation

Hey everyone, we could really use all of your help.  We are really making a push to bring more awareness to The N.O.W. Matters More Foundation and what it's mission is.  You can learn more about it by going to the website www.nowmattersmore.org.  However, right NOW we are asking you to go to www.facebook.com/nowmattersmore and
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Holiday Sobriety Plan


by E.B Fisher, CCA staff, & CCA clients

  • Write down, by the day, all the things that you will be doing during the Holiday Season. This means that you must examine the work parties, family reunions, etc. and come up with a PLAN. (tDD- what do they say
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The loss of our dear friend Dr. George Schulz

I am very sad to inform everyone that this past Saturday July 16th, 2011, we lost Dr. George Schulz to Cancer.  He spent his last moments at home with his family probably doing what he does best.  Smiling and comforting others.  For those that witnessed his brilliance and kindness first hand, you know exactly what
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