What are YOU doing N.O.W.? The Quest4Balance Quadrant outlines 4 quarters that when in balance, provide you the clarity, strength, focus, and commitment to succeed in your recovery. The 4 quarters include Psychological, Physical, Nutritional, and Spiritual. Below explains a brief understanding and examples of each.


This quarter relates to your head space. Every man-made container that has pressurized materials has not only a sensor to determine when the pressure is too great, but also a pressure release valve. What is yours?

This can be done in many different ways. Psychology has been referred to as the talking cure. So some methods available are formal counseling/therapy, talking with a supportive network of individuals such as in a 12-step program, and positive self talk. Other methods include, journaling (blogging can count), story writing, poetry, or any other form of literary expression. Also, drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, or any other form of artistic expression. These are only some ideas available. Be creative, find what works, but do something.

A morning routine should include a reminder of gratitude and positive approach to the day. It should also include a plan to succeed in all your daily goals. Don’t use the words “I’ll try,” only “I will.” Attitude is everything and if you say I’ll try, you more than likely won’t. Remember when someone asked you to show up somewhere you didn’t want to go and had no intention on going, so you said “I’ll try to go.” Same deal here.

An evening routine should include an inventory of emotions experienced within that day. Resolve or have a plan to resolve anything that can cause long term discomfort or further issue if left as is. Forgive self for any failures within the day, as sometimes failure is necessary to understand where you need some more work. Often you may find that you simply overcommitted or planned poorly. This understanding will be useful during your routine the next morning. Be at peace, create a pleasant resting environment, and sleep. If you are having trouble with rest, then this night routine is crucial and may need to include meditation, soft music, nature sounds, and/or reading of inspirational material.

Again, these are only ideas. You may find your own methods that work best for you. I’m only working to help you avoid medication if at all possible. Look at the Nutritional quarter for ideas that may help your psychology and rest, as all these quadrants inter-relate. That’s why balance is the key.


This quarter relates to your physical health. Many of us treat our vehicles much better than we have treated our bodies. We check all the fluids, take it in for service as needed, and often have to trust others on how & what to do to fix it. However, for some reason, even though the human body and brain is much more complicated, we think we can fix it ourselves.

So let’s re-asses your physical condition. Get an up to date physical before moving forward and remember to be completely honest to your physician on your most recent activities and lifestyle. He/She can’t help you with half-truths. Then pick some physical activities/exercises that you can commit to. A mistake people make, is to over-commit to a tough routine right out of the box. Not too logical and unnecessary. It’s much more important to start the momentum moving in the right direction.

Cardiovascular & muscle exercises are recommended for different reasons. Oxygen is vital, blood flow is critical, and energy level is necessary to put in the work we need to along this journey of recovery. Consult with a fitness expert in order to structure a plan that best suits your needs. I don’t even need to explain how when we feel better physically and like what we see, how that inter-relates with the other quadrants do I?

So start the walking, running, weight lifting, martial arts, yoga, etc…., whatever you feel most comfortable with and work out with your fitness consultant. Remember that each quadrant has it’s experts. Each of equal importance and are mentors for their specific quadrant.


This quadrant relates to what your intake is. It may have included substances that you may only choose to moderate like caffeine & sugar. It may have included substances you wish to eliminate like alcohol, nicotine, & illegal drugs. If denial is off the plate, then you know the deal. Whatever the plan, it’s time to be disciplined in our attention to this intake. Commit to what and how much will be acceptable.

We often are poorly nourished when we begin our programs so again, bring this up with a qualified physician of choice. This is important because some testing may be necessary. Then get on some high quality pharmaceutical grade multi-vitamins and other nutritional products. I personally recommend the products available at Very important & I strongly recommend that you maintain your new nutritional regimen for 90 days minimum because we need the right fuel for this job.

As indicated in Psychological Quadrant, you may have trouble sleeping, there are nutritional products available to assist rest. They also have cleaner products for improved energy minus the sugar crashes, as well as meal supplements for weight related issues.

Whatever you do, do not ignore your nutrition. If you made it this far on junk, then how much better can you do with a little TLC. The right stuff is needed to allow your body and brain to rebuild the damage done. So drink plenty of water, supplement, and eat well 3-4x’s per day.


This quadrant relates to your sense of purpose. Please do not confuse spirituality with religion. Although every religion requires spirituality, not all spirituality requires a religion. Religion does make it simpler due to the structure of support, leadership, and doctrine that one can reference. However, if your not interested in religion, then allow yourself the freedom to evaluate your true belief system. We all have one and I suggest you get real honest with your own.

Your actions will always hint to your true priorities that are motivated by your purpose. Just like if you truly want to numb out, then escape becomes your purpose, your drug of choice reveals itself as the vehicle, therefore regardless of what or who gets in the way, your actions end in using. Reverse this to live within a positive purpose and enjoy the results. For instance, I truly believe that my purpose is to help others, which guide me to do the things I do, so no matter how difficult things get, I do not change the path.

A worthwhile and positive purpose will provide you with a strong sense of calm and confidence that you are doing the right thing. Just like in addiction use, your self-confidence is negatively affected, anxiety levels rise, and you truly know your doing the wrong thing. Find your purpose and honor it in thought, reading, prayer, silence, meditation, etc… How ever you best find your inner peace and clarity.

This quadrant once strengthened awakens your third eye, or otherwise known as your insight. Insight that is critical in improving instinct, decision making, and impulse control. So seek out a method, a mentor, and practice this daily. Again remember, all these quadrants inter-relate so cheating in any one because you don’t believe, will cheat your progress and place you at risk of failure.

You have nothing to lose in surrender. Surrender no longer means giving up only to be tortured by the enemy. Surrender now means that you put down your weapons, so does everyone else, and they welcome you back.

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