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Relapse is not a part of Recovery but IS part of the Disease

Lui "The Dope Doctor" Delgado, CAP

I hear the statement “relapse is a part of recovery” so often that I felt that maybe I should throw my own 2 cents in.  Ok, maybe a few more than 2 cents, but hey, it’s what I do right? Anyway, as many of you already know, my co-host Denise McLean Solis is the mother […]

Where the Miracle meets the MAN!

Lui "The Dope Doctor" Delgado, CAP

Why can’t the recovery from difficulties and uncertainties be easier? Not really sure about that.  What I do know personally, is that the progress we often call the journey is what made me the man I am proud of being today.  Professionally I also know that embracing acceptance of one’s situation and focus on the […]

Welcome Backstreet Mom, Denise McLean Solis to the cast.

Lui "The Dope Doctor" Delgado, CAP

It’s been a few 24 hours since my last blog, but I have to do it now because this is blog worthy for sure.  We have a new co-host on the show.  She is the original Backstreet Mom, Denise McLean Solis.  For those that have followed the show since the early days remember my first […]

External Victories are defeated by Internal Losses

Lui "The Dope Doctor" Delgado, CAP

The inner darkness of an individual wins again.  All to often we hear these stories of how someone just flips off their grid and does something that leaves everyone asking “why.”  Well today that guy is ex-boxing champ Edwin Valero. Here is a guy that had a professional record of 27-0.  27 wins by knockout.  […]

Clarity of Vision is Freedom

Lui "The Dope Doctor" Delgado, CAP

If someone asks you to tell them who you are, how do you begin?  Do you first tell them your occupation, race, religion, background, etc…  Sometimes we focus so much on what we have done and what we will do, and what we want to do rather than who we are, what we are, and […]

Life is in Legacy- Not in flesh.

Lui "The Dope Doctor" Delgado, CAP

Just like every year, we headed into a new one saying farewell to all of those that passed away.  The list of those lost in 2009 was long.  Some members of that list were iconic.  Others more personal.  However, I am one that believes that just as some of those will never truly “die,” neither […]

Welcome to

Lui "The Dope Doctor" Delgado, CAP

Well as my first blog on this new site I guess it’s supposed to be something special.  But how about instead of that I simply welcome all of you to the site and thank you for visiting.  Some of you are seeking help, others are doing well and are here to help support others, and […]

Help with a Heart

"When the pain of staying clean becomes less than the pain of getting high, you'll stay clean."

I have been going to Lui aka He has been helping me with my chemical dependence on pain killers and Xanax. I have struggled with this problem ever since college. I have gone to rehabs and many doctors. Not one person has shown true understanding and offered good sound advise into what I would […]