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Where the Miracle meets the MAN!

Lui "The Dope Doctor" Delgado, CAPWhy can’t the recovery from difficulties and uncertainties be easier? Not really sure about that. What I do know personally, is that the progress we often call the journey is what made me the man I am proud of being today.
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Clarity of Vision is Freedom

Lui "The Dope Doctor" Delgado, CAPIf someone asks you to tell them who you are, how do you begin? Do you first tell them your occupation, race, religion, background, etc... Sometimes we focus so much on what we have done and what we will do,
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Welcome to TheDopeDoctor.com

Lui "The Dope Doctor" Delgado, CAPWell as my first blog on this new site I guess it's supposed to be something special. But how about instead of that I simply welcome all of you to the site and thank you for visiting. Some of you
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